Harlan Sports Management is an industry-leading sports representation firm based in Chicago. Over the past 15 years, HSM has secured its niche representing coaches at all levels of collegiate and professional football, as well as sports broadcasters at major outlets in Chicago and across the country.

Since being founded in 2000 by Bryan Harlan, HSM’s philosophy has been grounded in the tenet of quality over quantity. As such, we are able to have a selective client base while still being one of the handful of major players in our industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer individualized attention to each client, and on our investment in the success of each client’s career.

With our diverse professional backgrounds, the HSM team is uniquely positioned to aid our clients in every aspect of career advancement. From interview preparation to contract negotiation and beyond, our knowledge of the coaching and media landscapes combined with the breadth and depth of our network allow us to partner with our clients in maximizing all facets of their careers.